Personally, I love rock-n-roll, motorcycles & photography!  At age 13, my heart sang when I first listened to Jimi Hendrix, I gazed in awe as my brother developed prints in his homemade dark room & I was energized by wind in my face while riding on the back of a friend's Harley (ok, that was age 18).  All three experiences captured my soul and have not let go.   Mother Nature too has a huge hold on my spirit, Thank Goodness!


     My work?   I want to capture what you are passionate about.  I provide compelling, storytelling images to businesses, associations & individuals.   Producing images for websites, brochures & annual reports, I photograph people, products & people using products;  from bird homes to motorcycles.  I love documenting events and capturing moments in time.  Derby Photography launched in Denver in 1993 & relocated to Seattle in 1995.  My goal is to help your business be more successful & to provide enjoyment by solidifying your memories in pixels. 

Here's what my clients are saying:

"Thanks for the event photos!  They look amazing!" - Sebastian, Eastside Harley-Davidson

"I enjoyed working with Karen and the way she took the pictures.  She was fun and did a great job making me feel comfortable, she even included a few jokes. . . ."  - Amazon Web Services 

"OMG!  They are so frickin' great!  You are an amazing photographer!" - Jada, Dorothy A. Bartholomew PLLC

"Thanks Karen!  You have been wonderful to work with!  Everyone has been complimenting us on our pics . . . " - Ashley, wedding client

"BTW your photos are absolutely fantastic!  I'm putting together a new website and am having so much fun because the photos are just great."  -Terri, Sustainable Seattle

    I have the experience necessary to create emotionally engaging images while conquering the technical challenges of professional photography.   Organized, detail-oriented, I'm good-humored and hard working, give me a call. . .  I'd love to hear about your passions . . . 

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pick up the phone (206) 953-7596


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