on photobombers ~ take 1

Seems we all want to be in pictures.  A world of products has developed to accommodate & entertain the selfie shooter.  And, if we're not out shooting selfies, the thought of being in someone else's photo crosses our mind.  This photobombing trend is not a brand new meme.  

15 + years ago, I encountered a photobomber (way before the term existed) when I asked a bartender to take a photo of me and a friend while enjoying an after work beer at our favorite tavern.  I handed over my Canon ELPH, film! camera, and asked him to compose with the lights in background (since the point-n-shoot camera was set on 'long shutter' mode allowing it to burn in the background lights).  Two weeks later,  I picked up my film from the lab and was jostled between disgust, shock and amusement as I stared at a picture of a bare ass almost sitting on my friend's head!  

Did he ruin the memory or improve it?  Honestly the photo is more memorable given the bomb, but I'm still disgusted!

stay tuned for more on photobombs. . . 

Derby, signing off,  7/31/16

photobomb @Alki Tavern

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