on photobombers ~ take 3

Best to appease the narcissists so they move on. . .

As mentioned in the previous post, I am shocked by the brazen immodesty of people who leap into the background of professional photos.  I do have to admit though, sometimes it's funny and can spice up a somewhat dry photo.  When I'm not trying to coordinate a 14 person wedding party, I can laugh at the audacity of the self-centered individual, wave to let them know, "Got it!", and carry on with my photoshoot.   Acknowledging their success at ruining a photo, does seem to help them know it's time to move on.  I guess that's their goal, attention?!  

eerie photobomb


photo taken for Amazon Web Services at Washington Convention Center

downtown Seattle,  2015

Last weekend I was helping a friend photograph a wedding.  She was coordinating a wedding party of 16 people at the Pike Place Market.  Not an easy feet!  I overheard a young teen-aged boy trying to coerce his 5 buddies to run into the background of the photo on his mark.  Fortunately! there were naysayers in his posse that discouraged the  effort to ruin the extremely difficult to compose and coordinate photo.   

tune in again . . . thanks for reading

Derby, 8/1/16

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